You have expertise in an urgent social need or an underserved community—but not marketing or IT. We can help.

We are marketing and IT professionals with more than 20 years' experience spanning several industries. Much of that experience has focused on marketing social goods such as education, energy, and water.

Fractional CMO

B2B product and content marketing to help you deliver the social good


WordPress Consulting

Getting you started, answering your questions, and growing your impact


DIY Resources

Because social goods organizations often have thin marketing budgets, this site offers lots of free and low-cost resources to increase your impact

Social Goods, Defined

Social goods are products and services that could be provided through private enterprise, but are instead provided by government or non-profits. Reasons vary for relying on government or non-profits but can include social policy, lack of an effective market mechanism, or economies of scale.


Comments from current and former clients


Ondeq needed a stronger web presence to land more prospects. Matt took that ball and ran with it. He did the research and the tech work to build us a blog site and fill it with posts that were on-brand and relevant to our audience. I appreciate how he took initiative, met commitments, and communicated. This project got done on time and on budget, and helped us generate new prospects. Thanks, Matt!


Matt has provided me with valuable insights on how to improve my SEO and website content. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional and detailed oriented. He has given me advice on how to expand my business clientele and I am already seeing results. Matt demonstrates integrity and sincere interest in helping his clients like me succeed. I would highly recommend him as a marketing consultant.


Matt has a keen grasp of technology and its business value and is able to translate that into approachable explanations. Most recently he developed a white paper for us on machine learning, a very complex topic, that clearly communicated the value and differentiation of the technology. Matt is also always a pleasure to work with.

Marketing the Social Good

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