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Want to Create a Better World for All?

Marketing Gives You Tools That You Need

If you work in the public or social sector or are active in your community, it’s probably because you want to create a better world for all.

In fact, I’ll bet you want to increase your impact.

The discipline of marketing gives you insights, strategies, and tactics
to have more impact in your community and the world.

Marketing Services

You have expertise in a urgent social need or an underserved community—but not marketing. I can help.

I provide marketing services to organizations of all sizes to improve their product or service design, promotion, distribution, and pricing.

I’m a product and content marketing professional with more than 20 years experience spanning several industries. Much of my experience has focused on marketing social goods such as education, energy, and water.

I’m also a published writer with expertise in business, journalism, technical, and creative writing.

Free Marketing Resources

Because working in the public or social sector or activism means tight budgets, this site offers plenty of free resources to help you market the social good.

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Free Website Recommendations!

Better online marketing results start with a website that represents your brand and aligns with your goals.

I'll review your website for free and give you my top five recommendations plus page-by-page suggestions.

A free website review is the first step
to online transformation.

An example from a recent WordPress update client of mine

Social Goods, Defined

Social goods are products and services that could be provided through private enterprise, but are instead provided by government or non-profits. Reasons vary for relying on government or non-profits but can include social policy, lack of an effective market mechanism, or economies of scale.