Park Avenue: A documentary of two cities

AsĀ Park Avenue stretches through Manhattan in New York City, it represents the wealthiest neighborhood in the U.S.

Then, Park Avenue goes north across the Harlem River in the South Bronx, and enters the poorest Congressional district in the country.

It’s hard to find a more convincing graphical, and geographically, depiction regarding the fairness debate in the U.S.

As the movie asks in the opening, what are the chances today that someone who grows up on Park Avenue in the South Bronx will end up living on Park Avenue in Manhattan? (Or frankly, vice versa.)

I don’t want to spoil this movie, only to say that I found it illuminating, concise (just an hour long), and moving. It’s also full of interviews with researchers from various disciplines examining economic fairness and mobility in the U.S.

(I’ve linked to the movie on YouTube, but you can also find it on NetFlix Instant.)

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