Page layout for marketers: make infographics using PowerPoint

Infographics are trendy right now. As this Hub Spot blog post explains, they are fairly easy to create using PowerPoint.

I can’t add much more to what Hub Spot lays out for infographics, but I did want to include their pointers in my series on page layout for marketers.

Most infographics I see are a compendium of individual statistics, without regard or depiction for any causality or interrelationship between the statistics.

I think a much more illuminating, although more difficult, use of graphics shows interrelation between data. Edward Tufte, master critic and proponent of visual display of information, calls such works supergraphics. I’m excited to be taking a course from him later this spring. I’ll certainly ask him about visual communications in the public sphere.

By way of example, Tufte often cites as an example this supergraphic from 1869 depiction Napoleon’s disastrous invasion of Russia.

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