Organizational Narrative: Seven Types of Stories

To expand upon my series on organizational narrative, I want to point you to a recent blog post summarizing seven types of story structures, specifically:

  • Hero’s Quest
  • Overcoming the Monster
  • Rags-to-Riches
  • Rebirth
  • Voyage-and-Return
  • Tragedy
  • Comedy

All of these structures, except maybe Tragedy, can serve as the foundation of the master narrative of your brand or organization.

(My series focused on the Hero’s Quest structure, which includes aspects of Overcoming the Monster and Voyage-and-Return.)

Read the original post–author Bryan Rhoads runs Intel’s Media Lab and leads Intel’s global content marketing strategies.

Shameless plug: you can also download my e-book on Organizational Storytelling.

(Art licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.)

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