Free Download! Trifold Brochure Template for Microsoft PowerPoint

Public and social sector marketers (and lots of other people) don’t have the graphic design resources to produce brochures. Download my free trifold brochure template for PowerPoint template and create your own trifold brochures.

In our digital world, I believe that there’s still a place for the printed, trifold brochure. It’s multi-faceted and tactile Because it slips easily into a purse or pocket, it helps carry your message into the world.

Use trifold brochures for explaining your product or service, building attendance for your event, or documenting a client success story.

My template includes useful tips about how to design the content of your brochure to capitalize on the unfolding structure of the trifold’s pages.

After you have completed your brochure in PowerPoint, print it on 11×17″ paper. Most office copiers/printers handle paper that size. If yours doesn’t, use storefront services such as FedEx Office, or online printing services like UPrinting.

So try your hand at a trifold brochure! If you need design ideas, see my entries on page layout for marketers.


  1. AdityaOctober 18, 2016

    This is a very good brochure!

    1. Matthew SpaurOctober 18, 2016


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