Society Needs Great Marketers

“If you’re the kind of person who tends to succeed in what you start, changing what you start could be the most extraordinary thing you do.”

This statement pokes me in a tender spot. I often ask myself if there’s not something better I should be doing with my time and talents.

It comes at the end of a Fortune article article following up a TED presentation by Anand Giridharadas about economic inequality in the United States.

I believe inequality is a great harm to individuals and communities. Yet I work each day in my Silicon Valley job that may make the world a better place one day. Conversely, there’s a small but concrete chance that my work puts more distance between the educated-money-gadgeted haves and the undereducated-poor-unequipped have nots.

This blog is my way of contributing towards great marketers. I hope to transfer skills, tools and knowledge to those who choose to do the design, distribution, and pricing required to establish and scale the social good that can and will rebuild our social nature.

We Need More of You

You are the ones who chose each day to start something that can be extraordinary for others. We need more of you. You deserve inspiration and information to make your underfunded and under-appreciated work easier, better, and more effective.

The polarization in our social nature will not be fixed by Tweeting more heavily, Giridharadas says in his TED talk. It will take harder work and harder choices to make a difference.

In the Fortune article, Giridharadas continues: “I believe McDonald’s really could make healthy food. I want Elon Musk on diabetes and Jony Ive on classroom technology. I want Travis [Kalanick] from Uber on ambulance logistics in India.”

Great marketers can and do make an impact. But do they make a difference? They can and do in the public and social sectors.

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