Free download! 29 places for free stock photography


Tom Treanor from Wrike has a great post on LinkedIn about 29 places to get free stock photography. Great page layouts, brochures, and other design projects start with great imagery, so if you need photos, go check out his post.

(Yes, the photo for this post came from one of the 29 sources.)

Marketers in public and social sectors often don’t have time, budget, or skills to purchase images or hire photographers. Taking your own photos can lend your materials authenticity, but you need the equipment, time, and skills to take and edit photos. Plus, you’ll need releases from the people in your photos giving you legal permission to publish their images.

At the same time, you can burn a lot of time simply browsing through 29 sites worth of images. Here are some tips to help you acquire and use images effectively:

  • Know your theme, clients, and target audiences.
    This might seem obvious, but knowing that you’re creating material about, say, urban food deserts help you skip past pictures related to rural education, sustainable transportation, and other unrelated topics.
  • Know your quantity and quality requirements.
    How many photos do you need for your project? What size, orientation, and resolution? How will the colors in the photo match with the overall color palette for your project and brand? Will the photos be published on paper, or just shown electronically?
  • Stock photo sites can also include illustrations, icons, and graphics.
    Look for vector-based images, they scale and resize better.
  • Keep your images in an organized and accessible location.
    Plenty of free tools like DropBox, Google Drive, and Microsoft One Drive provide ample, cloud-based storage for you and your team. You don’t want to overuse the same image, but at the same time you don’t want to scramble to find a key image that you need for updating or expanding successful collateral and campaigns.
  • Build up your library.
    The worst time to look for images is when you’re on deadline. When you see an available image that you like, grab it then and there. If you wait until later, guaranteed you’ll forget about the image or its location. The jackpot is an image that you can use multiple times through cropping, tinted, and other techniques.

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