Marketing the Social Good: Top Five Posts of 2015

To continue bringing you topics of interest in the new year, I took a look back at what you read the most this year. Here are the top five posts published in 2015, as measured by your views:

1–Free download! Trifold brochure template for Microsoft PowerPoint

Don’t miss out on the top post of the year–download your trifold brochure template for Microsoft PowerPoint!

2–Transportation infrastructure: the BART that could have been

Original BART map

With urban populations continuing to grow, designing, supporting and promoting transportation systems becomes increasingly important for economic activity, environmental quality, and maintaining social bonds.

3–Organizational storytelling: free toolkit from Solutions Journalism Network

Use innovative tools from journalism to show how your organization not only understands the problem, but is part of the solution. Clients, funders and partners want to know!

4–The power of distribution: free school lunch in the summer

Childhood health and economic inequality were two big themes in 2015, and they came together in this story about providing quality nutrition when kids aren’t in school.

5–Organizational storytelling: critiquing Elon Musk’s pitch for Tesla Energy


Public and social sector organizations can learn from the for-profit world (and vice versa). Studying how media darlings like Elon Musk grab and use headlines can help boost your own promotional and educational efforts.

Thank you for your continued interest in Marketing the Social Good! 2015 was a great year of growth, including

  • 45 percent increase in visitors
  • 27 percent increase in page views
  • Readers from 66 countries

I look forward to continuing the dialog in 2016!

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