Free download! Free state-level data on economy, equity, income, government and more


Which states currently rank highest in median household income? Which states have the highest foreclosure rates? Which states are benefiting from domestic migration?

Compare50 gives you access to free state-level data across a wide range of topics.

You can compare states against one another, and also build your own statistical index by selecting from drop-down lists. The charts that you generate are easily downloaded in various formats including PDF and PNG.

The Community, Equity, Government and Jobs categories are especially relevant for marketers in the public and social sectors.

To answer my opening question, you might think that California and New York top this list, with their large urban, tech and financial centers. Or, that Texas is near the top given its diverse economy of oil, agriculture, and services plus its business-friendly regulatory climate. But none of these big states are in the top ten for household income.

New Hampshire currently tops the median household income list at Compare 50, followed by Maryland, Connecticut, Virginia and Massachusetts in the top five.

Much of the data on Compare 50 comes from standard federal sources of data such as the Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Patent and Trademark Office, and one of my favorites–the Energy Information Agency.

Data informs and strengthens marketing in the public and social sectors. You can win more funding, more volunteers, more clients and more outreach with data. Compare 50 should definitely be part of your marketing tool kit.

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