Organizational Narrative: The Hero’s Journey (video)

In my series on organizational narrative, I’ve shown you how to structure a master narrative as a hero’s journey.  Your organization is the hero on a journey to defeat powerful forces and restore harmony. After all, that is what you’re doing, right?

This video from the TED education series does a beautiful job of laying out the hero’s journey in less than five minutes:

Use this video of the hero’s journey as your own inspiration and reference. You can also share and discuss it with colleagues whom you’re trying to teach or persuade about organizational storytelling.

Of course, your organization doesn’t need to be the hero of every story you tell. Other heroes who can undertake the journey include

  • Your organization’s founder(s), like the founder of Heifer International
  • Your partner organizations
  • Your clients
  • Your researchers and product and service developers

So go ahead, spin a hero’s tale where you work or volunteer. It might feel weird at first, because it will feel powerful. That’s a good feeling.

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