Free download! Data visualizations from U.S. Census Bureau

[Source: U.S. Census Bureau]

The U.S. Census Bureau generates hoards of credible, useful data. Sometimes it can sometimes be difficult to locate relevant data and format it for easy presentation to your audience. To help with the distribution and promotion of their data, the Census Bureau offers free census data visualizations that you can download and add to PowerPoint slides, proposals, reports and other documents.

Of course, the actual data presented is useful as well for market research and business models. Much of the data comes from the American Community Survey.

The visualizations come PDF and JPG formats. Some visualizations also offer the snippet of HTML code you need to embed the graphic in your web page or blog post. I’ve used the embed code to add the graphic at the top of this post.

I find the visualizations related to economics and finance, such as income and poverty, are the best and most widely applicable.

Others visuals are cheesy and of dubious value, such as a map of U.S. town names containing the word “Liberty.”

The vast amount of data guarantees that you can find census data visualizations on the topics you want. On balance, though, these visualizations offer you three main benefits:

  • Based on quality, independent data.
  • Already built.
  • Free!

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