Free Tools! Streaming Video With Open Broadcast Studio

Video has been a hot medium since 2005 and the launch of YouTube. Now, streaming is becoming a common way to deliver content, and it’s not just for NetFlix anymore. Take advantage of video in your public- and social-sector marketing with free streaming video tools from Open Broadcast Studio for broadcast and recording. There are lots of uses for free streaming video tools:

  • Capture online video: This is how I first found OBS, in helping my wife capture webcasts off of websites.  It can do screen recording if you there’s some content you want to capture that way.
  • Streaming video: Audiences are now accustom to, and requesting, streaming video content. You can add this to your distribution and promotion mix. Think about streaming open public meetings, or board meetings to multiple offices. You could also stream services such as like classes.
  • Live events with video: You can configure, stream, capture, and cut between multiple video sources. It’s kinda like running your own television station. You can customize how you cut between feeds. You can even review material before it’s streamed live. And, you can capture it all for later use in content marketing, training, and more.

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