Free Tools! Instasize for Editing Photos and Video for Social Posts

As a public or social sector marketer, you have plenty of reasons to need a photo editing app on your mobile device.

  • Maybe you are doing event promotion for your cause and pairing it with social media. Your smartphone is your least-obtrusive camera in the middle of an event.
  • You might also be doing environmental photojournalism for organizational storytelling. Your phone may be the easiest camera to take into the field.
  • Maybe you’re doing client portraits. Most smartphones are tuned to excel at portraits. Think selfies.

Or, you could be a digital native who does most of your computing on a mobile device. That’s where you’re comfortable and skilled. Doing all your photo and video editing on your phone just makes sense. That’s where your materials are.

Instasize is a powerful, mobile-only photo editor app. And, it edits videos, too. Just don’t expect a desktop version.

As the name implies, this photo editing app is aimed squarely at Instagram users. With Instasize, you can

  • Adjust the contrast, saturation, and grain of colors
  • Apply filters
  • Add stickers

Also, check out their great blog with lots of ideas and free monthly downloads.

(If you’re looking for free photos to use in your marketing, check out my free photos page.)

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