Free and Discounted Software and Computers from TechSoup

Marketing the social good often gets done on a shoestring budget. Nonprofits, libraries, foundations, NGOs, and charities can stretch their budgets further with free and discounted software and computers from TechSoup.

Here is how they describe what they do: “TechSoup equips changemakers with transformative technology solutions and skills they need to improve lives globally and locally.”

How does my organization qualify for TechSoup?

Just join TechSoup and provide your organization’s contact and legal information. TechSoup will take seven business days and validate that your organization qualifies. Once your organization is validated, browse the catalog!

What software and hardware is available?

TechSoup offers more than 375 free and discounted software and hardware products from over 100 top companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon, Google, DocuSign, Intuit, Lenovo, HP, and Zoom.

What else is available?

Courses, webinars, articles, newsletters, meetups–TechSoup doesn’t just dump products on your desk. They offer plenty of information, training, and support to help your organization make the most of technology.

What’s the catch?

You mean, aside from needing to be a qualifying organization? Companies that donate to TechSoup can set eligibility rules on their donations. Their rules might relate to the mission or size of the organizations that they want to support. So, your organization might not qualify for the best terms for every type of software or hardware you want.

Even if you can’t get everything you want and need through TechSoup, your social good organization should at least add TechSoup to your procurement process.

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