Social Grievance and Social Goods

Here’s another way that we are biologically wired for being social, but not in a good way. Our brain chemistry responds to grievance (real or imagined) the way it responds to narcotics. We can become addicted to grievance. This is hurtful enough on an individual level. In inequitable societies, grievance becomes a powerful force to...Continue reading

The Social Good We Need Now: Trust

I’ve taken three months of 2021 off from writing for this blog. My dad passed away. My wife is a healthcare worker and needed support during the pandemic. Work was busy. I even paused my Google Ads campaign for my site because I couldn’t handle leads for even more work. And guess what? Work is...Continue reading

Create Virtuous Circles for Funding Social Goods

Taxes go up, taxes go down (sometimes). Does it ever seems to make a real difference on the ground in your neighborhood? The typical temptation is to strive to cut costs and then reduce spending. What if instead of cutting spending we changed spending to create virtuous circles of savings and improvements?

Marketing Against Hunger: Food Insecurity and Food Waste

Put on your marketing hat, then set these recent announcements side-by-side: Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 10.5 percent of all US households experienced food insecurity in 2019. With the pandemic recession, nearly 1 in 4 US households have experienced food insecurity this year. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, 30-40 percent of the food...

Social Goods, or Socialism?

Americans have two very separate views of socialism. We need to learn to talk constructively about both of them.

Our Social Goods: Citizenship-as-a-Service

In most countries, you can change the city or state where you live fairly easily. Why is it so hard to change country where you live? From escaping oppression to seeking opportunity, there are many reasons you might want to change your country. But, as immigration struggles around the world show, it’s very hard to...Continue reading

A Nobel Prize for Food Aid Distribution: World Food Programme

Distribution is important enough to the social good that the United Nations World Food Programme has won the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize. WFP provides food aid distribution and other services for 100 million people across 88 countries every day to combat world hunger. They often work inside war zones and epidemics and famines.

Free Tools! Convert Nearly Any File

The WikiPedia page that lists digital file formats contains 82 entries just for documents that store plain and formatted text.  The US Library of Congress’s list of file formats is equaling daunting and baffling. In today’s workplace, an unopenable file can grind a project to a halt. Luckily, the internet provides quality free file conversion...Continue reading

Local Time is Money: Time Banking

Times are tough because of the coronavirus pandemic. Many people are unemployed but in need of help. They are long on time, skills, and experience, but short on cash. Could we fashion a social answer to this tough nut? Time banking facilitates donating your time to others and receiving assistance you need in return.

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