Free Tools! Convert Nearly Any File

The WikiPedia page that lists digital file formats contains 82 entries just for documents that store plain and formatted text.  The US Library of Congress’s list of file formats is equaling daunting and baffling. In today’s workplace, an unopenable file can grind a project to a halt. Luckily, the internet provides quality free file conversion...Continue reading

Free Guidelines for Accessible Design

Public services need to serve all the public. Not all the public are digitally savvy adults between the ages of 18 and 35 with perfect eyesight, hearing, and mobility. Accessible design ensures those with limited hearing, sight, mobility, and other impairments can access the public information and services that they need and pay for.

Reparations for Racism: A Social Goods Approach

Recent and ongoing incidents of blatant racism and police brutality against African Americans has reignited the discussion of reparations for the US history of slavery and racism. After 250 years of legal slavery and another 150+ years of discrimination, what could reparations even look like? Here’s a design experiment for reparations, based on topics covered...Continue reading

Vocabulary is Critical in Promoting Climate Change Awareness

In promotion, vocabulary makes a difference. In the US, promotion has been our best tool in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic in the absence of widespread testing and available treatments. But the muddled message and vocabulary between politicians, scientists, and the healthcare community has led to a fractured public health effort.

Seven Sins of Nonprofit Blogging

With all the benefits nonprofits can reap from blogging, I’m always amazed that so many organizations skip blogging. Or worse, do it poorly.  Here are seven (deadly?) sins of nonprofit blogging to avoid.

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