Free Tools! Streaming Video With Open Broadcast Studio

Video has been a hot medium since 2005 and the launch of YouTube. Now, streaming is becoming a common way to deliver content, and it’s not just for NetFlix anymore. Take advantage of video in your public- and social-sector marketing with free streaming video tools from Open Broadcast Studio for broadcast and recording.

Use Focus Groups for Social Goods

Government isn’t business, but we all wish the public sector did a better job at designing, pricing, and delivering the social goods we rely on and expect. Maybe we should have citizen focus groups to give feedback on our social goods.

Buffer is tops among free tools for managing social media

Free Tools! Use Buffer for Social Media Automation

Social media provides a great, and mainly free, channel for promotion and communication.  Unfortunately social and public sector marketers don’t always have the time or staff to consistently publish to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram.

Free podcasting tools! Audacity audio software

Free Podcasting Tools! Audacity Audio Software

In the US, 44 percent of people have listened to a podcast. Marketers are using this growing content type for promoting social causes. Luckily, there are great free podcasting tools like Audacity to help you get started.

Designing immigration solutions

Designing Immigration Solutions

In the United States, there’s an immigration problem. People are coming to our borders seeking refuge from war, terrorism, gang violence, and climate change. Many more people come than our current immigration system will accommodate. Instead of debating the partisan politics of this issue, let’s look at how a marketing mindset guides us in designing...Continue reading

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