Free Tools! Free Social Research Data

Data goes a long way towards informing the design process. It can pinpoint who your audience is, where they are, what they need, how they want it delivered, and how they want to pay for it. Quality data can be difficult for public and social sector organizations to generate on their own, and expensive to...Continue reading

The Power of Audience: Ending Homelessness for Veterans

“If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution.” –Steve Jobs* People are drawn to work and volunteer in the public and social sectors because they want to tackle big, meaningful problems like rural poverty or childhood hunger and ending homelessness. And then they burn out because they find that big, meaningful problems...Continue reading

The Power of Design: Social Service Program Design

In her TED talk, “Social Services Are Broken: How We Can Fix Them,” Hilary Cottam displayed a chart mapping 20 years of social services interventions in the life of one family (screen shot shown above). Color-coded shapes along two timelines mark each encounter in which schools, police and social services interacted with the mother, sister...Continue reading

Constant Contact Will Not Make You a Marketer

I’m annoyed by an advertising campaign currently being run by Constant Contact. “Be a Marketer” their headline promises.  “All it takes it Constant Contact email marketing.”

The Power of Program Design: Housing First – Update

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti recently called for $100 million in the city’s 2016 budget to help change the homeless crisis in his city. At this point, this is just a budget proposal so it’s hard to know exactly this money, if eventually appropriated, would be spent.

Marketing Against Hunger and Poverty – Update

The United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals were such a success, the world decided that we should do them again. Like the previous goals the new ones, called the Sustainable Development Goals, have a 15 year time line. By 2030, the aim is no poverty, zero hunger, and gender equality, among other goals.

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