The Power of Brand: Designing City Flags

In his TED talk, Roman Mars of the podcast 99% Invisible makes a strong, touching and often funny plea for city branding, beginning with the flag design for a city flag.

Business Solution to Poverty: Hello Tractor

The book The Business Solution to Poverty argues against non-profit development and for scalable, business-like approaches to end poverty. When I reviewed the book, I saw a lot of practical wisdom in the argument, but also wondered how many such approaches could live up to the challenge. I think Hello Tractor could make the grade.Continue reading

The Power of Program Design: Housing First

Many people hear “design” and think of tangible things like clothing or furniture or posters. But since design is really about thinking through the needs of your audience and how to meet those needs, then intangible things like processes and services can (and should) be designed, too. Changing homelessness services to put housing first is...Continue reading

The Power of Promotion: Poverty Simulations

Earlier this year, actress Gwyneth Paltrow tried living on food assistance for a week. She could some flack for her experiment, including in this Washington Post blog. It’s easy to chide the famous and wealthy for something like this. After all, Paltrow also caught flack for offering $90 basic white t-shirts on her lifestyle web...Continue reading

The Power of Distribution: Free School Lunch in the Summer

School’s out for the summer, but it’s not always a happy time for kids.  For students participating in the federal free and reduced lunch program, summer time can mean going hungry.  Many schools continue to offer subsidies meals during the summer, but not all students can trek to school during the summer when buses are...Continue reading

The Power of Brand: South Carolina and the Confederate Flag

Beyond the recent horrific shootings of nine worshipers in a Charleston church, South Carolina has a brand problem. Many people think a logo and a brand are the same thing. They’re not, but logos are a big part of South Carolina’s currently problem.

The Power of Distribution: Non-profit Grocery Stores

Here’s a puzzle: an estimated 33 to 40 percent of food produced in the U.S. is wasted, and yet at the same time, one of six Americans are classified as food insecure, meaning that they lack reliable access to affordable, healthy food.

Marketing Approaches to Reducing Gun Violence

Ferguson. Staten Island. Pasco. Baltimore. Police mistrust and gun violence are currently dominating the headlines. Crime, health and safety, institutional transparency, accountability–all these public sector issues intersect the problems of police mistrust and guns. Could there be a marketing approach to reducing gun violence?

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