Are You Falling Short of Your Goals For Delivering on Your Mission?

Many missed goals happen because your prospects and customers simply lack awareness. They don't know who you are, the ways you can help them, and how you're different from your competitors. Clear, consistent, and relevant content marketing informs and inspires your market, and moves you closer to your goals for sales, recruiting, and fundraising.

As a product and content marketing consultant, I help you reach goals for key activities such as

  • Launching and promoting products and services
  • Generating leads
  • Converting opportunities into deals
  • Retaining and upselling customers
  • Recruiting and retaining employees, donors or volunteers
  • Fundraising from investors or donors

As a product and content marketing consultant, my services increase your results in product planning and promotion, sales enablement, and customer engagement, built on a strong foundation of core messaging and organizational narrative. I can develop and implement your entire content marketing strategy, or give you a boost in a specific area.

Contact me today for a free quote on services listed below. Better yet, let's talk about your goals and how we can reach them.

I charge a flat fee for easily defined work or an hourly fee for projects. In addition, I also work on a retainer basis for ongoing marketing leadership and support. Discounts are available for non-profit clients and repeat clients.

I live in the San Francisco Bay area. However, I work well with remote and dispersed teams nationally and internationally.

My Content Marketing Consultant Services

Marketing Services

Grow your capabilities, not your overhead. Augmenting your staff with my experience accelerates your results.

Website Admin, Audits, and SEO

Is your website getting the results that you want? Your website should be a marketing powerhouse. Use my services to increase your site’s marketing impact.

Writing and Editing

Communication builds relationships with your market Contract marketing writing and editing ensures that consistent, quality communications at a scale and budget to meet your needs.