Core Marketing Message

Motivating prospects, funders and staff starts with a core marketing message that precisely targets your desired audiences and excites them to engage with you.

Contact me to create, implement and review what you’re saying to your market.

Core Marketing Message Package

The core marketing message that I build for your product or service includes

  • The customer pain points your product or service address
  • The market dynamics creating these pain points
  • Organizations that experience these pain points
  • The roles in organizations that are charged with addressing these pain points
  • How your product or service addresses these pain points
  • The key features, benefits and differentiation of your product or service
  • Competitive and substitution solutions
  • User stories for your product or service
  • Positioning statement for your product or service

This package forms the foundation for all your marketing efforts: product design, pricing, distribution, and promotion.

Other Core Marketing Message Services

I also do more in-depth work such as

  • Brand messaging platform
  • Value proposition
  • Differentiation
  • Audience analysis
  • Positioning
  • Competitors and substitutes
  • User epics and stories
  • Return on investment
  • Blog planning

Examples of My Work

core marketing message

See my online portfolio for samples