Startups, nonprofits, and solopreneurs need results from their websites.

Many don't need a full-time person managing it. That's where I come in.

Getting Started with WordPress

Sometimes you just need to be shown the path

Quick WordPress Answers

Short phone or online sessions to keep you moving forward

Is your WordPress website insufficient, outdated, or broken? Does is suffer in comparison to your competition?

Your website should be integral to your business or nonprofit. You should feel comfortable and in control of this valuable part of your business.

We can help.

Most of our clients are nonprofits, startups, and self-employeed professionals who focus on social impact and are experts in serving their audiences. They are not experts in marketing or digital technology. That's where we come in.

Getting Started With WordPress

Three Things We Need From You

  1. A domain name you want to use. To find freely available domain names, search for names on SiteGround. (If you already have a name for your website, we can work with that.)
  2. An email address that you want associated with the accounts related to your website. I recommend having an alias such as, if that's possible. Talk with whomever handles your email accounts.
  3. The credit card number you want used with your accounts. (We can pay for things and expense them to you, but it's better in the long run for you to have complete control of your accounts. See more on our philosophy.)

Getting Set Up

Our Getting Started Service includes the following:

  • Establish Hosting. We'll set you up with a WordPress account on SiteGround. It's the hosting service that we use personally and recommend for clients.
  • Register Domain Name. We'll register the domain you have selected.
  • Install WordPress. WordPress is the world's leading platform for building website. More than 40 percent of websites are built using WordPress.
  • Install Theme. A theme contains the style sheets for your website.¬† We'll purchase, install, and configure a leading pro-level theme.
  • Install Page Builder. A page builder lets you create and modify pages without having to code. We'll purchase, install, and configure pro-level page building plug-in.
  • Security. Keep your site safe from hackers and spammers. We'll install and configure free leading security plug-in and configure SSL security certificate.
  • Simplify Maintenance. A healthy website helps you grow confidently. We'll install a suite of free leading plug-ins.
  • Enable Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The SEO process helps search engines match your website content to queries that people are trying to answer. We'll install and configure free leading SEO plug-in.
  • Enable Contact Form. You'll want a way for people to contact you through your website. We'll install and configure free leading form plug-in.
  • Orientation. You'll be eager to start working on your site. We'll provide documentation and one hour of live orientation.

Advanced Set Up

Each of the following is priced separately. Ask for details.

  • Analytics. Knowing more about your visitors helps you serve your existing audience and gain new audience members. Connect your Google Analytics account to your website.
  • Email and website marketing. Lists, newsletters, and forms help you communicate with your audience and add new audience members. MailChimp provides multiple marketing capabilities in an affordable and easy-to-use package. Create MailChimp account for you, set up registration form on your website.
  • Multi-lingual site. Your audience may include speakers of many languages. You can create translated content to better meet their needs. GTranslate uses Googles automated translation to translate your entire website automatically. Install free version of GTranslate and add language controller to your website navigation.
  • Ecommerce. Using ecommerce can be a familiar and powerful way to get resources to your users, even if it's for free. WooCommerce, from the makers of WordPress, is the world's leading ecommerce platform. ¬†Install WooCommerce and configure products and payments.



Quick WordPress Answers

Schedule a 30-minute session with me to

  • Diagnose a problem. If your problem is easily solved, I'll do it on the spot for no extra fee. If the solution is known but requires more time, I'll give you an estimate and schedule work. If I don't know the solution, I'll advise you on how to frame a support request or give you an estimate and schedule for researching a solution.
  • Discuss possibilities, options, and next steps. Websites are always evolving. Maybe you need a knowledgeable sounding board for where you think your next step should lead and how to get there.
  • Build your capacity. If you want to accelerate your learning on themes, plug-ins, HTML, CSS, diagnosing problems, etc.


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