Free Marketing Courses

Public and social sector marketers need to continually evolve their skills, but rarely get a training budget.

Use these free marketing courses to boost your abilities and results in content strategy, service design, storytelling, and market research.

We're social beings--maybe you can work through a course with a colleague or study partner?

Think Like a
Content Strategist

A free, 1-hour course on how to develop and implement a multidimensional content model to power your content strategy.

Pixar Storytelling Course

This Pixar course covers story structure, storytelling, and character, all useful tools in telling your organization's story.

Service Design Workshop

Create new and better services. Learn the methodology of service design from this step-by-step plan and downloadable toolkit.


Learn how to produce rigorous and compelling reporting on responses to social problems (the first of several courses).

Brand Strength Surveys

My blog series on how to design, conduct, and analyze a market research survey of your brand strength.

Organizational Narrative

Download my ebook on using powerful narrative structures to convey the vision and purpose of your organization.

Data-Driven Storytelling

Google offers 15 lessons on analysis, surveys, data visualization, and more.