Documenting Success at Clearspeed

Enterprise security

Clearspeed is an enterprise security startup in Napa, California founded in 2016. They provide voice analytics technology that generates unique risk alerts based on an individual’s vocal responses.


Clearspeed's unique vocal analytics can quickly spot suspicious characters with five to seven yes / no questions administered through an automated, unbiased telephone questionnaire. They can't tell you definitively if someone is guilty or lying. But, they can clear the vast majority of your interview subjects and give you a solid shortlist of people to follow up with.

It's a very powerful solution that is deceptively simple.

Their quandry is familiar to any startup with breakthrough technology: prospects are eager for the results the solution promises but still slow to believe and adopt.

The challenge: to increase prospects' awareness, interest, and motivation by documenting the real-world success of Clearspeed solutions.


Clearspeed is fortunate that they have proven success in multiple deployments around the world.

My role in writing solution briefs and cases studies for them consisted of

  • Interviewing clients and subject matter experts for in-depth knowledge.
  • Researching independent statistics and quotes.
  • Telling a clear story for each case study.
  • Describing a clear and valuable process for each solution.


One case study told the story of creating a trusted ranger corp to protect endangered wildlife (click to open).


To date, seven pieces of collateral I wrote are now published on Clearspeed's website. Collateral has also been translated into Spanish and shared with partner companies in multiple countries.

A new case study focused on the casino gaming industry will be published soon.

Thanks in part to collateral that documents their real successes, Clearspeed is meeting their ambitious sales goals even during the current pandemic.

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