New Blog Expands Startup’s Presence, Attracts Leads

Workforce Management Software


Ondeq was a software startup looking to grow. Their software united front-line retail workers, field managers, and corporate executives into a single team for better execution and customer service. They'd licensed their solution to a few companies but were hungry for more clients. However, their website consisted of a single page. They were preparing for a large industry trade show and needed their website to reflect a more mature company.

The challenge: to build a blog section on their website from scratch in eight weeks.


I developed a content strategy by conducting market research, interviewing clients, surveying the competitive landscape, researching media outlets and compiling SEO keywords.

Next, I collaborated with the CEO to generate a list of possible blog topics. From that list, I selected six topics to develop further. I wrote six posts including sourcing royalty-free images and creating custom graphic.

Using WordPress, I created the blog home page and post templates and then deployed the posts to the website.

Once the website work was done, I collected the six blog posts into an e-book for sales enablement. I designed and laid out the publication using Google Slides, so that Ondeq could easily update and maintain the e-book in the future.

All electronic and print publications were ready in time for the industry trade show.


The blog home page and posts greatly expand Ondeq's digital presence.

The e-book gave Ondeq additional credibility.

More importantly, Ondeq booked meeting with 32 prospective customers during the industry trade show. Of those, 20 requested additional meetings about Ondeq's solutions.

At the end of the project, Ondeq's CEO wrote:

Ondeq needed a stronger web presence to land more prospects. Matt took that ball and ran with it. He did the research and the tech work to built us a blog site and fill it with posts that were on-brand and relevant to our audience. I appreciate how he took initiative, met commitments, and communicated. This project got done on time and on budget, and helped us generate new prospects. Thanks, Matt!


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