Branding Public Transportation

One benefit of a strong brand is that customers will pay more or go out of their way for their preferred brand of product or service. How else do you explain basic items like sunglasses priced at more than $1,000? In marketing the social good, is branding public transportation the answer to getting drivers off...Continue reading

Brand strength survey: indexing scores

In conducting your brand strength survey, you’ll reach a point where you have row upon row and column upon column of data. You’ll make tables from subsets of your data to highlight, say, the relationship between education levels of survey respondents and their perception of your brand. But how do you spot the meaningful relationships...Continue reading

Brand strength survey: analyzing perceptions

In previous posts I explained how to build a brand strength survey using audience questions and perception questions, and how to then distribute your survey using Survey Monkey. After you conduct your survey, you’ll have both audience and perception responses. With this data set, you can ask a wide array of questions about the audience...Continue reading

Brand strength survey: distribute your survey

In previous posts, I talked about the right questions to ask in a brand strength survey, and why you should use your existing lists of email contacts to conduct the survey. Here, I’ll explain how to put your questions and lists together into a survey using SurveyMonkey.

Brand strength survey: asking the right questions

In a brand strength survey, you want to know what your existing audience thinks about your product, service, or organization. So, you’ll have two types of questions in your survey: ones about the audience themselves, and ones about their perceptions.

Brand Strength Survey: Know Your Audience Better

In this new series of how-to posts, I’m going to show you how I conducted a brand strength survey at my day job for $12 of incremental cost. That survey generated at least a half-dozen major reports, all of which are useful in growing the reach and impact of our work.

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