Branding Public Transportation

One benefit of a strong brand is that customers will pay more or go out of their way for their preferred brand of product or service. How else do you explain basic items like sunglasses priced at more than $1,000? In marketing the social good, is branding public transportation the answer to getting drivers off...Continue reading

Free tools! Create perfect color palettes

Ever wonder how graphic designers use color so effectively? The secret lies in selecting the right palette of colors, in part based on understanding the psychology of colors. Now you can pick a perfect color palette for any project using an easy online calculator.

Free Download! Color Palette for Microsoft PowerPoint

I recently wrote about the web design standards from the U.S. government, and how you could use them to improve the design of your promotional items such as web sites, presentations, documents and emails. The design standards include color palettes that you could download, but they weren’t in a Microsoft-friendly form that most people could...Continue reading

Health Marketing Done Right in Brazil: A Case Study

In business school, we poured over case studies about how companies solved, or didn’t solve, a particular challenge. So here’s a challenge for you: how would you use existing products, distribution channels and means of promotion in health marketing to improve nutrition in one of the largest and richest countries in the world?Continue reading

The Power of Brand: Naming Rights in Yosemite National Park

As described in a recent New York Times article, the U.S federal government and the Delaware North company are locked in a contract dispute about who owns the brand naming rights and other marketing aspects of Yosemite National Park. President Abraham Lincoln first signed legislation to protect the Yosemite region for the enjoyment of all...Continue reading

Organizational Narrative: Stories Make Humans Uniquely Social

Humans are not that much different from chimpanzees or Capuchin monkeys. If you put a human and a chimp in a Man Vs. Wild scenario, undoubtedly the chimp would win. Individually, we humans are not that impressive when compared to other animals. So why have we come to dominate? Historian Yuval Noah Harari believes it’s...Continue reading

The Power of Brand: Designing City Flags

In his TED talk, Roman Mars of the podcast 99% Invisible makes a strong, touching and often funny plea for city branding, beginning with the flag design for a city flag.

Free Tools! A Style Guide for Your Organization

How do Doctors Without Borders and the World Wildlife Fund and Oxfam and Amnesty International maintain consistently distinctive and professional identities across the world? I’m sure part of their secret is using an organizational style guide.

The Power of Brand: South Carolina and the Confederate Flag

Beyond the recent horrific shootings of nine worshipers in a Charleston church, South Carolina has a brand problem. Many people think a logo and a brand are the same thing. They’re not, but logos are a big part of South Carolina’s currently problem.

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