Designing immigration solutions

Designing Immigration Solutions

In the United States, there’s an immigration problem. People are coming to our borders seeking refuge from war, terrorism, gang violence, and climate change. Many more people come than our current immigration system will accommodate. Instead of debating the partisan politics of this issue, let’s look at how a marketing mindset guides us in designing...Continue reading

digitizing government

Which Companies Are Digitizing Government?

Consultants at McKinsey estimate that countries globally can save $1 trillion annually by digitizing government. Yes, Trillion-With-A-T. Those savings could go a long way towards funding needs such as education, health, transportation, and infrastructure. What companies are tapping into this huge opportunity?

Government Can Be A Leader In Digital Goods And Services

Back in 2002 Peter Fisher, undersecretary of the U.S. Treasury, described the U.S. federal government as “an insurance company with an army.” After all, if you look at the federal budget, benefits and military spending take the vast majority of funds. Since much of the military focuses on supply chain and distribution, you can modified...Continue reading

Designing Digital Government Services: U.S. Digital Service

Government needs to get its shit together and catch up. That’s Helen Van Dyck, leader of the U.S. Digital Service. Her group works as a technology start-up within the federal government, applying the design and implementation approaches of Silicon Valley to create digital government services and disrupt the delivery of social goods for the better.Continue reading

Designing Digital Democracy: DemocracyOS

In her TED talk, Pia Mancini makes the point that much of what we consider democracy has been designed around the printed press, a technology that’s nearly 500 years old and being rapidly supplanted by the digital revolution. How do we design a digital democracy?

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