Marketing can eradicate disease–without using medicine

This admittedly icky medical story is on the verge of a very happy ending. In 1986, an estimated 3.5 million people in 21 African and Asian countries were infected with guinea worm. The worm is a disgusting but smart parasite. Its larvae live in stagnant water sources. After people drink the stagnant water, the larvae...

The power of design and distribution: energy efficiency

Design and distribution are fundamental and powerful parts of marketing. How powerful? In regards to America’s energy needs, they can provide power for our next 100 million citizens–no new fuel source or technology required. Stay with me for a little math and I’ll show you the possibilities.

What is marketing? It's much more than advertising.

What is Marketing? It’s More Than Just Advertising

What is marketing? Many people equate it solely with advertising, which irks me. I even caught Shama Kabani doing this in her book The Zen of Social Media Marketing. On page 48, she use the definition of “promoting a product or a service to increase sales.” Not true. It is a lot more than advertising.

Fairness is innate, even for capuchin monkeys

Fairness is Innate, Even for Capuchin Monkeys

Fairness is innate, emotional, a visceral reaction. We’ve all felt it. Your sister was the favorite child in the family. A person cuts in line in front of you. Your teammate on a project gets promoted over you. Sometimes we label our reaction as envy or jealousy, but we instinctively know when we’re being treated...Continue reading

The Finnish Baby Box

Thinking Outside the Baby Box

Recently I read a BBC article about Finnish baby boxes and thought the program was genius. It shows the power of using a marketing mindset, and a design approach, to solve a pressing social problem.

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