The Power of Distribution: Free School Lunch in the Summer

School’s out for the summer, but it’s not always a happy time for kids.  For students participating in the federal free and reduced lunch program, summer time can mean going hungry.  Many schools continue to offer subsidies meals during the summer, but not all students can trek to school during the summer when buses are...Continue reading

Is demand pricing for public services fair?

A recent article in the LA Times describes a pricing experiment at California community colleges, where classes in high demand are priced higher. For example, Long Beach City College has started offering a perpetually sold out, month-long certification course in phlebotomy at nearly five times the standard per-credit rate.

The power of pricing: college tuition

Does our love of a discount make us pay more for college tuition? A recent Mother Jones article compares college tuition pricing to holiday sales at the mall. We may like thinking we paid 70 percent less for that sweater, but in reality the retailer never expected the sweater to sell for the sticker price.

Design, distribution, and education

I was prowling TED recently and came across Emily Pilloton’s talk about applying design to improve education in rural North Carolina. I liked her view of radically improving a public service like education through fresh application of design and distribution.

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