Fully Funding Your Nonprofit

Nonprofits often receive funding for providing a specific service, but not for the organizational infrastructure that supports the service. Running a food bank or crisis hotline is crucial work. Who is going to pay the rent, phone bill, and liability insurance needed to provide such services? Donors have historically avoided funding “overhead.” Understandably, they want...Continue reading

On Fairness: Guaranteeing Basic Income For Everyone

This blog is premised on our social nature and our innate sense of fairness. Those impulses lead to the design, distribution, pricing and promotion of social goods, or marketing the social good. Trends in demographics and technology are pointing to a major change in our society where there are more people than jobs. As social...Continue reading

Three Ways to Design Better Retirement Accounts With Systems Thinking

In a recent retirement study by Transamerica, respondents of all ages said that they would need to save at least $1 million to feel secure in retirement. If we all did that, we’d be a society of millionaires. There’s a big disconnect here, though, because the survey also shows people are nowhere near on track...Continue reading

Increasing the Savings Rate Through Promotion: Save To Win

One in four Americans has no savings. At the same time, Americans collectively spend $56 billion a year on lotteries. Lottery players disproportionately are poor people. Maybe by channeling some of that lottery money and impulse to gamble, we could increase our savings rate in America, especially for low-income and low-wealth individuals. What if every...Continue reading

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