If Fairness is Innate, How Do You Explain Opportunism?

In this blog, I’ve argued that fairness is innate in humans and other social animals such as Capuchin monkeys. But if that’s the case, how do we account for greed, selfishness, and opportunism, especially when it doesn’t serve the individual’s long-term self-interest?

Our Social Nature Impacts Our Genetic Inheritance

I’m not a scientist by training or profession, but I am fascinated by what science can tell us about our social nature. In the past few years, new discoveries and techniques in genetics and data mining have revealed new levels of our interdependence, levels that can impact our genetic inheritance in a single generation and...Continue reading

Marketing Against Hunger and Poverty: UN Millenium Development Goals

In June 2013, the United Nations announced the 38 countries had already reached their 2015 Millennium Development goal of reducing hunger in their nation by 50 percent. I let out a whoop when I saw this news. This is great progress for millions of people around the world. I think the Millennium Development project gets...

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