Free Tools! A Style Guide for Your Organization

How do Doctors Without Borders and the World Wildlife Fund and Oxfam and Amnesty International maintain consistently distinctive and professional identities across the world? I’m sure part of their secret is using an organizational style guide.

Visualizing Economic Segregation

I’ve previously written about the free data available from the American Community Survey from the U.S. Census Bureau. Now, Esri has mapped that data to visualize economic segregation in the U.S.

Organizational Narrative: More Acts, More Action!

Was your middle school English teacher actually on to something with those five awful-sounding parts of a story? Exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, denouement. I still struggle with that last one–it sounds abstract yet somehow dirty. But there’s evidence that including all five of these acts in your story, no matter how short, can...Continue reading

Hack Your City Using 3D Visualization

Ever had a vision for how your city or neighborhood could be, but struggled to show that vision to others? Now you can play SimCity with your city, using 3D visualization software.

Free Download! Trifold Brochure Template for Microsoft PowerPoint

Public and social sector marketers (and lots of other people) don’t have the graphic design resources to produce brochures. Download my free trifold brochure template for PowerPoint template and create your own trifold brochures. In our digital world, I believe that there’s still a place for the printed, trifold brochure. It’s multi-faceted and tactile Because...Continue reading

Free Tools for Podcasting! Pro Tools First

Pro Tools, a leading line of audio editing software used mainly by musicians, is releasing a free version: Pro Tools First. This could be a boon for public- and social-sector marketers looking to add quality audio to their publishing and content marketing repertoire.

Free Download! Organizational Narrative Toolkit from Solutions Journalism Network

I follow Solutions Journalism Network in social media and have featured their stories on this blog (such as here). They’re a group of national-caliber, Putlizer-winning journalists and support staff who comprise an “independent, non-profit organization working to legitimize and spread the practice of solutions journalism: rigorous and compelling reporting about responses to social problems.” They’ve now...Continue reading

Free Download! Tools for Organizational Storytelling

Noted blogger Beth Kanter describes the new Hatch tool for storytelling perfectly well, so I’ll let her speak: The Rockefeller Foundation recognized that a big opportunity exists between the intersection of story and technology, and ¬†launched a research project to consider the role that digital technology can play in elevating the practice of storytelling as...Continue reading

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