Got $4000? You’re rich, by global standards

Ponder these economic inequality stats: “According to Crédit Suisse, people with a net worth of over $1 million represent just 0.7 percent of the planet’s population, but they control 41 percent of its wealth. 69 percent of the world’s population have a net worth of under $10,000 – they account for a mere 3 percent...

Free tools! Video for marketers

For my day job, I’ve lately had to dip my toes into video production. As is the new normal, I’ve been encouraged to find free or inexpensive tools wherever possible. Here, I’ll share what I’ve learned so far.

Free tools! Data visualization with Qlik Sense

Public-sector marketers often work with mountains of data, large expectations, and thin budgets. How to make sense of all that data without hiring expert researchers, buying expensive software, or burning hours trying to make Microsoft Excel answer what seems like a simple question?

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