holistic water quality management

How to Fund Holistic Water Quality Management

Governing common shared resources such as water supplies relies on layers of resource management. Each level of management has different roles and responsibilities, from neighborhoods and cities through to regional, state, national and international governance. Currently, the way many cities approach water quality is inefficient because resource management is not regional. Water agencies ignore problems...Continue reading

Infrastructure: Recycling Olympic Venues

Wired  published an article at the start of the 2016 Rio Olympics showing how recycling Olympic venues would work once the competition ended. Parts of the aquatics venue (above) will be used to create two public pools. The beachside volleyball stadium will become four elementary schools. I like this design concept. It reminds me of...Continue reading

Infrastructure: Build Sidewalks to Build Community

Sidewalks are infrastructure and infrastructure is a reflection of our social nature. Sidewalks are, or can be, important public spaces. They might, or could, be the public space with which we’re most familiar. Sidewalks build community and promote the healthy lifestyle and walkable neighborhoods that many people say they want. Consider what happens on sidewalks:...Continue reading

The Return on Investment for Sanitation

I need to replace a toilet in my house. I don’t like spending money on toilets. To me, toilets are like vacuum cleaners and car tires–things that I didn’t grow up looking forward to investing in with my adult money.

Building and Maintaining Infrastructure is an Expression of Our Social Nature

We are social animals, goes the premise of this blog, and social animals build. You might think of the social insects as builders: ants and termites, bees and wasps. Social mammals also build for the community. For instance, tunneling mammals like prairie dogs, voles and meerkats build communal networks of tubes and chambers.

Transportation Infrastructure: The BART That Could Have Been

Recently, a map of San Francisco’s BART system as originally envisioned in the 1960s appeared in my Facebook feed (see above), and left viewers aching for more public transit. Most of the comments accompanying the map went something like, “Wouldn’t that be awesome to have today!” Mainly, that’s because Bay Area drivers sit a long...Continue reading

Value-added transit: Helsinki transit

Marketers strive to add value to people’s lives, either by improving an existing product or service, or by inventing a new one. Shouldn’t government do the same?

Designing Away Traffic Fatalities

Each year in the United States, more than 34,000 people die from traffic accidents. That’s more than three times the number of gun homicides per year. How can design help? New York City is designing away traffic fatalities.

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