Free download! Data visualizations from U.S. Census Bureau

[Source: U.S. Census Bureau] The U.S. Census Bureau generates hoards of credible, useful data. Sometimes it can sometimes be difficult to locate relevant data and format it for easy presentation to your audience. To help with the distribution and promotion of their data, the Census Bureau offers free census data visualizations that you can download...Continue reading

The Power of Promotion: Advertising Healthy Eating to Kids

Kids don’t often eat healthy foods. They give in to the powerful temptation of snacks and sweets. The tactics major food companies use to promote their products exacerbates the problem. What if social marketers apply those same tactics for advertising healthy eating?

Scale: What’s the Difference Between Growth and Sustainability?

As I examined in a previous post, Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter thinks that profit is the key to scale, even for nonprofit organizations. Lack of profit might be what keeps social enterprises from reaching the scale necessary to make a difference in the world. A recent Stanford Social Innovation Review article, “Four Approaches...Continue reading

The Social Progress Index: Measuring the Quality of Our Social Nature

Marketers often benchmark their goods and services against the competition. For countries, the main benchmark for nearly a century has been Gross Domestic Product, or GDP. The United States rules in GDP. While increasing GDP does correlate with some improvement in social conditions, it is purely an economic measure. As the measure of a country,...Continue reading

The Power of Promotion: Marketing Same Sex Marriage

Regardless of whether you support same-sex marriage or not, have you wondered how the movement went from losing 30 state-wide votes by 2009 to winning approval in 37 states and a Supreme court ruling by 2015? It really was a stunning comeback victory for marketing same-sex marriage.

Free Tools! Free Social Research Data

Data goes a long way towards informing the design process. It can pinpoint who your audience is, where they are, what they need, how they want it delivered, and how they want to pay for it. Quality data can be difficult for public and social sector organizations to generate on their own, and expensive to...Continue reading

Free Download! Nine Health Data Sets

In his 2016 State of the Union address, President Obama announced a “moon shot” project to find a cure for cancer. A recent Marketplace story explained that a big focus of this project is to make more data available to researchers. You’re probably not a cancer researcher, but many public and social sector organizations focus...Continue reading

Free Download! Government Data Sets

Data can be expensive to buy and even more expensive, in both time and money, to generate on your own. Yet each year, various national, state, and local agencies generate a lot of data that could help you. As a taxpayer you’re already paying for it. Finding those government data sets, however, has been a...Continue reading

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