Free Photo Editing Without PhotoShop

As a public or social sector marketer, you often need photo editing done but have no budget for professional designers or design tools. Adobe PhotoShop is the gold standard of photo editing, but it’s expensive and complex. Don’t fear. You can accomplish free photo editing without PhotoShop.

Marketing the Social Good: Top Five Posts of 2016

To continue bringing you topics of interest in the new year, I took a look back at what you read the most this year. Here are the top five posts published in 2016, as measured by your views: 1–Free download! White paper template for Microsoft Powerpoint In the public and social spheres, creating and publishing...Continue reading

Practically Free Graphics Tools for Image Clipping and Vector Images

Like many social and public sector marketers, you’re probably forced to be your own graphic designer. Maybe you’re lucky enough to occasional access to another department’s designer, or can spend limited funds on freelance help. You have Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer, and while PowerPoint is versatile and useful, it just can’t do some things....Continue reading

Free download! Data visualizations from U.S. Census Bureau

[Source: U.S. Census Bureau] The U.S. Census Bureau generates hoards of credible, useful data. Sometimes it can sometimes be difficult to locate relevant data and format it for easy presentation to your audience. To help with the distribution and promotion of their data, the Census Bureau offers free census data visualizations that you can download...Continue reading

Free Download! Color Palette for Microsoft PowerPoint

I recently wrote about the web design standards from the U.S. government, and how you could use them to improve the design of your promotional items such as web sites, presentations, documents and emails. The design standards include color palettes that you could download, but they weren’t in a Microsoft-friendly form that most people could...Continue reading

Free Download! Visual Style Guide for Documents and Web Pages

Tax dollars at work! The U.S. government has published draft visual style guidelines for web sites. You can download their font files and color swatches. The guide is intended for government web sites, but you can apply the same advice and resources to your brochures, and white papers.

Free Download! White Paper Template for Microsoft PowerPoint

In the public and social spheres, creating and publishing white papers is an avenue to attract new partners and funders, document a problem you want to highlight or solve, influence policy, summarize your work, and make scientific findings more accessible to  non-research community. You should have this in your toolkit of promotion.

Organizational Narrative: Lead With Your Big Idea

Recently, as part of my day job, I organized a track of speakers for our company conference in New Orleans. It went about as well as a day of eight PowerPoint presentations in a hotel ballroom could go. But after the lunch break we lost a few people to lure of the sunny fall day...Continue reading

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