A new business model for journalism: enterprise funds

There are plenty of indicators that the business model for journalism is broken. According to the Pew Research Center, newsroom staffing is down 30 percent since 2000, print advertising revenues are down to 1982 levels, and sports / traffic / weather now makes up 40 percent of newscast content.

The Power of Price: Energy and Demand Response

We cannot directly store large quantities of electricity (yet), so grid operators work to keep the supply and demand of electricity in constant equilibrium in real time. As any economist will tell you, changes in supply and demand lead to changes in price. This makes the real price of electricity is as volatile as shares...Continue reading

What is marketing? It's much more than advertising.

What is Marketing? It’s More Than Just Advertising

What is marketing? Many people equate it solely with advertising, which irks me. I even caught Shama Kabani doing this in her book The Zen of Social Media Marketing. On page 48, she use the definition of “promoting a product or a service to increase sales.” Not true. It is a lot more than advertising.

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