Hope for Preventing Plastic Pollution In Our Oceans

A recent World Economic Forum article stated that 90 percent of plastic pollution flowing in the ocean from rivers comes from just ten rivers. This statistic makes me incredibly hopeful about preventing plastic pollution and cleaning up our oceans.

Building Quality Infrastructure for the Social Good

Critics of government spending claim that building quality infrastructure for the social good is not affordable. Focus on utility and low cost, they say. No need for grand stone building with imposing facades. Their concerns touch on two core marketing topics, design and pricing.

paying for infrastructure

The Power of Pricing: Paying for Public Infrastructure

In their recent report card, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gave US infrastructure a grade of D+.  ASCE also said bad infrastructure costs U.S. households $9 per day in higher prices, poor service, repairs, and wasted time. For just $3 per day, they say we could fix the problem. Those numbers sound small,...Continue reading

low-quality charitable products

Three Ways To Eliminate Low-Quality Charitable Products

Are you designing and distributing low quality charitable products? How do you know? Just because your clients may benefit from, and even rely on, products that are free to them doesn’t mean you can give them crap. It also doesn’t mean they stop becoming savvy consumers just because something is free to them. Your products...Continue reading

The Return on Investment for Sanitation

I need to replace a toilet in my house. I don’t like spending money on toilets. To me, toilets are like vacuum cleaners and car tires–things that I didn’t grow up looking forward to investing in with my adult money.

Marketing sanitation

This blog post from Water For People gets right to point of marketing public services. It lays out product, pricing, placement, and promotion challenges of getting public sanitation adopted in communities that have none.

The power of distribution: Fighting hookworm in Cambodia

Kids in the U.S. no longer contract hookworm, like they did 100 years ago, thanks to an integrated campaign of medication distribution, improved sanitary, and public education. Children at the time who were exposed to this integrated campaign were more likely to subsequently grow up more literate and affluent. (Read more about this campaign.) Hookworm...Continue reading

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