Redesigning Public and Social Services: Staple Yourself to a Citizen

Government leaders should adopt the perspective of a citizen passing through the end-to-end experience of a particular process and seek to optimize the complete journey. This quote from a recent McKinsey survey is simultaneously obvious and revolutionary. Of course government leaders should optimize citizen services. But most government processes seem so cumbersome and plodding...

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Three Ways to Design Better Retirement Accounts With Systems Thinking

In a recent retirement study by Transamerica, respondents of all ages said that they would need to save at least $1 million to feel secure in retirement. If we all did that, we’d be a society of millionaires. There’s a big disconnect here, though, because the survey also shows people are nowhere near on...

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The Power of Design: Social Service Program Design

In her TED talk, “Social Services Are Broken: How We Can Fix Them,” Hilary Cottam displayed a chart mapping 20 years of social services interventions in the life of one family (screen shot shown above). Color-coded shapes along two timelines mark each encounter in which schools, police and social services interacted with the mother,...

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