Governing the Commons: Making Markets for Water

Fresh water may be the ultimate community shared resource or commons. It’s a finite and renewing resource. It’s essential for life as we know it. We spend billions of dollars on space exploration searching for it on other planets. How we make use of this scarce shared resource now and in the coming decades will...Continue reading

Governing the Commons: Ocean Dead Zones and Hope Spots

“We should stop and think about how we can use the ocean and not use it up.” –Sylvia Earle As of the last count that I could find, which was published in 2008, there are more than 400 ocean dead zones around the world.

Scaling micro hydro power in Malawi

A recent story from the Business Innovation Facility about the MEGA project touches many of the themes of this blog: how to distribute affordable energy to rural communities living off the grid at the bottom of the economic pyramid. It also raises an interesting question about scale.

The power of distribution: small-scale irrigation in Zimbabwe

MercyCorps¬†works to build secure, productive, and just communities in some of the world’s toughest places like Somalia, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, and Haiti. They recently shared a success story about small-scale irrigation in Zimbabwe that’s really a story about distribution.

Marketing sanitation

This blog post from Water For People gets right to point of marketing public services. It lays out product, pricing, placement, and promotion challenges of getting public sanitation adopted in communities that have none.

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