Our WordPress Philosophy

WordPress is the world's leading platform for building website. It is an open, scalable, and powerful platform. More than 40 percent of websites are built using WordPress.

Most of my clients are nonprofits, startups, and solopreneurs. They are experts in their serving their audiences, but not in marketing or digital technology.  Here's my approach to WordPress and websites for these clients.

Configuration over customization
Whenever possible, I use available and popular themes, templates, and plug-in, and configure them to meet your needs. This foundation is solid because it's widely tested and documented. This is easier to implement, learn, maintain, and upgrade. There's a world of open source software out there, free or very reasonably priced. Let's rely on it.

No lock-in.
My preference is that you own your accounts for hosting, fee-based software, etc. Just give me access to the account to do the work you need me to do. That way, you're not locked in to me. And, there's not a question of me piling on to the costs that you're already paying.

Capacity building.
I'm happy to build your capacity to maintain and manage your website and marketing stack. The more you know and can do, the more you can accomplish. It also frees me up to do higher-level work with you, which is a better value.

Progress over perfection.
Once built, a website is very easy to update, change, and extend. You will never have a perfect website. But, you will make a lot of progress if you publish good content, measure the results, and adapt to what your customers are telling you.

No silver bullet.
A website is just an interactive publishing tool, and it's only as good as your message. Just because you have a website and even did a little SEO does not mean that business will immediately flood your inbox. There's a lot more product design, distribution, pricing, and promotion work that goes into creating a thriving business.

I strive to give my nonprofit, startup, and solopreneur clients access to high quality and high capability services at affordable rates.