We are all designers, even in public services

Design is fine for our fashion and our cars, our homes and furnishings, even cell phones and laptops. But public and social services are often delivered on shoestring budgets, making design seem beyond extravagant, superfluous. When times are tough for us taxpayers, as they have been for several years now, we don’t often tolerate perceived...Continue reading

Promotion Out of Demolition: SFMOMA

I walk past San Francisco Museum of Modern Art nearly every work day on my way between my office and BART. The first Tuesday of every month, SFMOMA would be open for free to the public. I would sneak out early from work and check out the new exhibits on my way home. Notice I’m using...Continue reading

What is marketing? It's much more than advertising.

What is Marketing? It’s More Than Just Advertising

What is marketing? Many people equate it solely with advertising, which irks me. I even caught Shama Kabani doing this in her book The Zen of Social Media Marketing. On page 48, she use the definition of “promoting a product or a service to increase sales.” Not true. It is a lot more than advertising.

Must government operate like a business?

Government is tightly associated with public and social services. Marketing is tightly associated with business. By advocating for the application of marketing to public and social services, am I thereby advocating that government can, should, or must operate like a business? This article from PolicyMic lists some of the recent luminaries who have called for...Continue reading

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